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    stainless steel medical cabinets

    Introduction of sheet metal bending parts

    Item Name :

    sheet metal bending cabinets

    Material :

    stainless steel 304

    Dimension :


    Min Tolerance :


    Manufacturing Services :

    Customized & On-Demand

    Craftsmanship :

    bending + welding

    Drawing Software:


    Delivery Date :

    5 Working Days

    Profile of Project

    Customized stainless steel cabinets are widely used in the medical industry. Stainless steel material is an economical, high-strength material, and has a strong corrosion resistance effect, which can achieve medical sterility. The stainless steel sheet of sheet metal bending is processed by welding fabrication services. Assemble, use spot welding process to reduce the deformation of the material after heating, and finally remove all processing marks through wire drawing and polishing.
    Customized stainless steel medical cabinets can use a variety of custom hinges and locks and other accessories, and the surface can be sprayed or painted to achieve the perfect look.
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    About Supro MFG

    China Supro MFG is a professional OEM custom metal parts manufacturer, ISO 9001-2015 certified, dedicated to providing one-stop manufacturing solutions for global buyers in various industries. From product design, low or high volume manufacturing, quality control, and authoritative material and dimensional reporting, More than 5,000+ companies choose Supro MFG ,we always on-time delivery of high-quality custom metal parts.

    We have more than 25 years of experience in custom metal and sheet metal parts manufacturing, specializing in: CNC Machining service, sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal stamping, metal welding services and surface treatment services, etc.

    Our manufacturing capacity

    china sheet metal bending factory
    china supro cnc machining factory


    CNC Lathes/Lathes/Automatic Lathes/CNC Shearing Machines/CNC Bending Machines/Machining Center/Grinding Machines/Milling Machines/Turning Machines/ Welding Machines/Cutting machines/ Wire-Cuts/ Laser Cuts/Punching Machines/ Ditching machines/Polishing machines/Combined Processing Machines and other specialized processing equipments etc.

    Material Capability

    Aluminum :Al6061, Al6063, Al6082, Al7075, Al2024, Al5052, A380, etc.

    Stainless Steel: SS201,SS301,SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416, etc.

    Steel : Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, 4140, 4340, Q235, Q345B, 20#, 45#, etc.

    Brass : C35600, C36000, C37700, C37000, C37100, C28000, C26000, C24000, C22000, etc.

    Copper : C11000, C12000, C12200, C10100, etc.

    Iron : 20#, 45#, Q235, Q345, Q3458, 1214, 12L14, 1215, etc.

    Plastic : POM, Peek, PMMA, ABS, Delrin, Nylon, PVC, PP, PC, etc

    Our main Processes

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    Surface Treatment Solutions

    Stainless Steel Parts

    Brushed and Polishing, Passivating, Sandblasting, Laser engraving, Gold Plating Etc.

    Carbon Steel Parts

    Zinc plating, Oxide black, Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Carburized, Powder Coated

    Aluminum Alloy Parts

    Clear Anodized, Color Anodized, Sandblast Anodized, Chemical Film, Brushing, Polishing, Powder Coated, Nickel Plated Etc.

    Plastic Parts

    Plating gold (ABS), Painting, Brushing (Acrylic), laser engraving

    Quality Control

    • Checking the raw material after they reach our factory------- Incoming quality control ( IQC)
    • Checking the details beforethe production line operated
    • Have a full inspection and routing inspection during mass production---In-process quality control(IPQC)
    • Checking the goods after they are finished---- Final quality control(FQC) 
    • Checking the goods after they are finished-----Outgoing quality control(OQC)



     CMM, Projector,Alimeter,Roughness tester, Micrometer, Caliper,Block gauges,etc

    Packaging Details

    • PE bag, Vacuum package, bubble cotton, plastic box with honeycomb for inner packing are available for customer options.
    • Normal carton, Carton Pallet, wooden case for outer packing are available for customer options.
    • Customized package is avaiable.


    Please provide us with 2D or 3D drawings (including materials, dimensions, tolerances, surface treatments or other technical requirements), quantities, applications or samples. We will quote you within 24 hours.

    The MOQ depends on your needs, besides, we welcome trial orders before mass production.

    T/T, L/C, Escrow, Paypal, Western Union, Money Order.

    It depends on quantity, generally 7-20 days after order confirmation.

    We can also offer design service as long as you tell us all your requires.

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