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Over 15 years, we have focused on providing cost-effective precision CNC machining services with Reliable, Low-cost, On-Time Delivery.

Rapid CNC Prototyping

Complete rapid prototyping in as little as one day, assist with installation testing and surface treatment solutions.

On-Demand CNC Machining parts

We will not reject any of your requirements and quality standards, and actively provide complete manufacturing solutions.

Real Manufacturer Price

Our custom CNC machining production line directly send parts to the world, strict quality control, reduce scrap rate, reduce material waste.

CNC Machining Services

As an expert in custom CNC machining services in China, Supro MFG is very active in providing customers with various metals & plastics.

Professional precision CNC machining services and online technical support provide you with complete CNC machining rapid prototyping and low volume metal & plastic parts manufacturing solutions. We are good at solving all kinds of machined parts with complex structures. One-stop parts manufacturing services include design services, precision machining, surface treatment, and metal heat treatment.

Supro MFG specializes in custom CNC Machining Services, with 80 sets 3-Axis, 4-Axis, 5-Axis CNC Machines. It also provides internal warehouses for 120+ metal & plastic materials, and all manufacturing processes are completed in-house.

The 7*24H online technical support service provides you with DFM and custom cnc machining parts quotation.

Please contact the expert team of Supro MFG to get the most competitive quotation and manufacturability report within a few hours.

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CNC Milling services

We use advanced 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining equipment to create complex surface and multi-curved parts processing. Materials including metal & plastic can be easily processed at one time.
With the advancement of CNC machining technology, we have multi-axis CNC machining equipment to maintain the accuracy and quality stability of the parts, including: threaded holes, sealing grooves, multi-curved structures and complex molds.

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CNC Turning services

CNC Turning services can help us quickly create threads, arcs and other shapes, usually using round bar metal & plastic to process internal and external complex structures, presenting circular symmetrical parts.

Generally, CNC turned parts are considered to be one of the most economical manufacturing processes, and are widely used in automobile manufacturing, medical supplies, aerospace and military industry, new energy equipment, electronic components and other fields.
For example: shafts, brackets, handles, hydraulic rods, and various custom metal & plastic parts with threaded features.

why Choose SUPRO MFG

Our CNC Machining Services Advantages

We have absolute technical competitiveness in the CNC machining industry, and have the ability to meet the needs of large-scale manufacturing projects.

in-house machining & Quality Control

We rely on advanced cnc machines for in-house manufacturing and testing, with more than 30 Haas CNC machines and CMM testing equipment.

Rich experience

More than 20 years of cnc machining parts manufacturing experience, producing more than 15,000 different designs of products, you can learn about our capabilities by viewing successful cases.

Efficient response

We have a professional online technical team of 24 Hours*7Days, free to quote your product design and provide one-stop solutions. Quote feedback within 3 hours, and it can be delivered to your door as soon as 5 days.

Reasonable factory quotation

We provide cost-effective quotations, stable production processes, can reduce waste and labor costs, and we refuse to cut corners, issue authoritative material reports for all products.

Commitment to high quality

We implement ISO 9001-2015 quality system certification, with the help of advanced testing equipment, to help us better control all manufacturing processes to ensure high-quality product delivery.

CNC Machining parts surface treatment

Reasonable surface treatment of metal CNC machining parts can improve the durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical conductivity and appearance decoration of the material.

Aluminum Alloy
Hard Anodizing.
  • Mirror polishing
  • Wire drawing
  • Galvanizing
  • Anodizing
  • Black oxide coating
  • Chrome plating
  • Electroplating
  • Powder coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Laser engraving
  • Printing

An Overview for :
What is CNC Machining processing

CNC machining is an advanced part processing method. It uses milling, turning and electric discharge (EDM) methods for subtractive processing. The CAD/3d product design is imported into the CNC program, and the G code will control the tool to cut on the metal & plastic materials. Accurately remove materials outside the design and create parts close to the final design.

The most advanced CNC machining center has complex CNC programs and more coordinate settings to provide the best stability and accuracy. Therefore, CNC machining is an ideal manufacturing method that can quickly create rapid prototypes and complex structures. Mass production.

To learn more about cnc machining, please click here.

We suggest that the design of thin-walled parts should meet the minimum thickness of 1mm or more, and the minimum thickness of plastic materials should be 1.5mm.
In the process of parts processing, the vibration of the equipment will affect the accuracy of the product fixation, will cause excessive processing or damage to the product, etc., and in the process of material processing, the cutting of the tool will increase the stress release inside the material, which will affect the accuracy ,

Reasonable wall thickness will help avoid the appearance of substandard products.

Many customers like to design complex geometric figures on products as corporate logos. We often recommend that customers design these texts so that the depth of the indentation does not exceed 0.5mm, which will greatly reduce the processing cost and avoid unnecessary wear of the embossment. .
At the same time, Mulan MFG can provide better engraving services such as screen printing, laser marking, and etching.

For many CNC lathe machining shaft products, in order to ensure the concentricity of the product during the machining process, a process hole with a depth of about 0.5mm-1mm is often processed at both ends of the material for positioning. Without affecting the use, We will not do the treatment. If it is unavoidable in the customer's design, then we will fill in the process hole by welding and polish it.

Threaded hole is a very common part setting. Regardless of American thread and metric thread, please pay attention to the design of the bottom of the threaded hole. It is necessary to reserve a processing space of 1.5mm-2mm. This is the size of the leading bevel angle of the processing tool.
For weak steel materials such as plastics and aluminum, it can be designed to use steel wire thread coils or metal thread inserts to extend the life of the product at the threaded parts.

Why choose CNC machining services?

Precision CNC machining is a kind of high efficiency and low cost manufacturing process, which is widely used in various fields.

  • Applicable materials are very wide
  • Low-cost manufacturing, no need to invest in tools such as molds.
  • Flexible manufacturing of parts from 1 to 100.000 parts.
  • Automatic numerical control operation, low labor cost and high efficiency.
  • A more simplified manufacturing process is suitable for creating most part designs.
  • The tolerance requirements and quality requirements of high precision and accuracy can be achieved.
  • The reproducibility is strong, the quality is stable, and it is conducive to mass production.
  • Excellent surface effect, the product keeps smooth and clean.
  • Quick turnaround, you can start manufacturing immediately.

How to realize the low cost of custom CNC Machining parts?

Whether it is a single rapid prototyping or mass production, you can quickly reduce manufacturing costs through CNC Machining services.

SUPRO MFG has a professional engineering team and quality team. After many years of experience summarizing, we have come to the following conclusions:

  • Reasonable manufacturability report is very necessary, making the processing process smoother can save high time and cost.
  • Careful optimization of product design can save material waste to the greatest extent.
  • As a large-scale material purchaser, we can obtain exclusive discounts on materials.
  • Strict quality control can reduce product scrap and save costs.
  • The use of precision processing tools can increase efficiency, reduce more cost-wasting links, and maintain high quality.

To learn more about low cost cnc maching methods, please click here or contact our expert team.


Supro MFG is a professional Chinese sheet metal manufacturer, we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom sheet metal parts fabrication and Sheet metal Prototype, ISO 9001-2015 certified, providing a full range of sheet metal parts fabrication solutions and technical support .
We are not a trader, all products are done in our in-house factory, we have a reliable supplier of surface treatment, heat treatment, and standard parts to support us, and we can provide you with economical sheet metal manufacturers ex-works prices.

We have our own sheet metal fabrication factory, welding workshop, laser cutting workshop, and precision CNC Machining workshop, with a total area of more than 3000 square meters, with 12 technical engineers, 36 skilled workers, 6 quality engineers, and a professional English sales team.

Of course, we keep all the customer's information confidential, sign a non-disclosure agreement, our factory will not allow unrelated personnel to enter without authorization, your product design and patented technology will be protected by us.

Yes, we have rich manufacturing experience and technical knowledge, can draw professional design files (including: STL/STEP/IGES/PDF/CAD, etc.) according to your ideas, and provide you with free manufacturability solutions. Actively help you optimize product design, reduce costs, and make your product design more dynamic in the sales market.

From raw materials to finished packaging, we will provide you with reliable quality inspection reports and photos at any time. If you need an authoritative third-party inspection report, we can also actively cooperate to ensure that you will receive high-quality products.

T/T, Paypal western union, L/C, and other channels you suggest (contact us for negotiation).

Yes, we can provide system documentation for PPAP level3.

Our quotations are all factory quotations from manufacturers, and all manufacturing costs and labor costs are traceable. We all use the raw materials of authoritative manufacturer brands, refuse to cut corners, and all products are subject to our quality control.
While there are plenty of small businesses that offer you a very low price, the quality can be at risk.
What your project needs more is the guarantee of high-quality products and on-time delivery, not high-risk.

We do not set a minimum order quantity. Whether you need a small amount of prototypes or large quantities, we will treat you equally and provide you with a full range of manufacturing services and technical support.

We will develop a detailed production plan, every point in time will be practically verified, and all processes are under our monitoring to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products. (Except for the influence of force majeure factors)
Once there is a signal of delay, we will organize more production capacity to ensure on-time delivery.

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