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Progressive Die Stamping Services

Is progressive die stamping the final choice for your project? Talk to Supro MFG's stamping expert team!

We have professional progressive die technology and rich experience in mold manufacturing,

from rapid prototyping to  of 10.000.000 pieces flexible manufacturing service.

Rapid Prototype Turnaround

Committed to exceeding expectations for quality and rapid turnaround, and meeting high-quality sheet metal parts.

On-Demand Sheet Metal

Whether it is rapid prototyping & large-volume manufacturing, we will implement it according to customer needs and standards.

Real Fabricators Price

Integrate product design, bending, stamping, cutting, surface treatment, etc. to provide a series of manufacturing solutions.

Pregressive die stamping Services

Supro MFG is a Chinese supplier specializing in customized precision progressive die stamping services, relying on rich experience and professional metal stamping technology to provide customers with a series of precision stamping parts manufacturing solutions.

From the initial stage of the stamping parts project, we will give the greatest technical assistance to assist customers in establishing feasible solutions for precision metal stamping. And provide progressive dies design and manufacturing, mass stamping parts production, and mold repair and maintenance work.

At Supro MFG, we combine more manufacturing process options to provide customers with rapid prototyping services for stamping parts, save expensive mold investment, test product design and functionality, and help you quickly push your products to the sales market, and provide Manufacturer's cost quotation with market competitiveness.

One-Stop metal Stamping manufacturer

We are the top manufacturer of customized progressive die metal stamping parts in China, providing you with world-class precision progressive die sheet metal parts and precision metal stamping parts with the required strict tolerances and no defects. One-stop internal value-added manufacturing services, including welding, threading, assembly, surface treatment, etc., can help you save a lot of economic costs and time costs.

Over 3000+ buyers from all over the world have already benefited from our reliable manufacturing services. Supro MFG will become your ideal metal stamping supplier in China.

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custom Progressive die stamping
Q235 Steel Stamping Parts

Pregressive die stamping material solutions

Aluminum Alloy

stainless steel





6061-T6 / T5























Q235 - F




# 45

20 G

Corrugated Steel Sheets

Fluorocarbon color steel

Embossed panels

Galvanized sheet

Get a list of sheet metal materials

0.6mm - 200mm

1220mm * 2440mm

Custom roll & Strips

0.05mm - 300mm

1220mm * 2440mm

Custom roll & Strips

0.5mm - 6mm

1200mm * 4000mm

Custom roll & Strips

0.5mm - 500mm

1500mm * 6000mm

Custom roll & Strips

  • Aluminum alloy
  • brass
  • Pure copper
  • bronze
  • steel
  • Spring steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Fluorocarbon Color Coated Sheet
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium alloy

Why choose Supro MFG for Progressive die stamping process

At Supro MFG, we make better use of our professional technology and knowledge to eliminate some troubles for customers, enhance efficiency, achieve the best supply effect for each project, and maintain a long-term cooperative supply relationship with customers.

  • High efficiency: Progressive dies and progressive stamping equipment are the best automated combination to maximize production capacity.
  • Multi-function: We have manufactured 20 different stamping processes in succession.
  • Save materials: Optimize material specifications and the arrangement of parts to reduce unnecessary material waste.
  • Save labor costs: One worker can control 2-3 devices at the same time, and more labor costs are used for product quality monitoring and process management.
  • Flexible stamping: There is no mold replacement step for progressive die molds, which saves time for mold replacement compared with single-stroke molds.
  • Complex becomes simple: Progressive stamping is friendly to any parts with complex structures to ensure accuracy.
  • Consistency: A series of stamping operations will avoid manual errors and maintain consistency in quality and accuracy.
  • Quality Commitment: Comply with PPAP, FMEA, APQP, six Sigma and other quality procedures to reduce all quality risks.
  • Low cost of parts: When high efficiency and high quality are combined, it provides cost-effective manufacturer ex-factory prices.

What Is Pregressive dies Tools?

Progressive die stamping is a kind of precision metal stamping manufacturing process. It is widely used and mass-produced in small metal stamping parts with high precision. All technical focus is on the design and manufacture of progressive die molds. Efficiently convert flat metal plates into complex three-dimensional structures in part design.

The progressive die mold is equivalent to a multi-functional "stamping workstation". The metal strips (usually roll-shaped materials are automatically stamped) are fed into the die through the orderly arrangement of stamping cavities (strokes) with multiple functions. With the opening and closing of the mold, a stroke is completed, and finally one or more progressive die  parts are ejected from the mold. A stamping unit can realize: cutting, bending, embossing, punching, tapping, coining, polishing And deep drawing.

Progressive dies is a high-efficiency stamping tool that can easily respond to long-term mass manufacturing needs. It is also one of the ways to test the technology and capabilities of a custom metal stamping manufacturer. This requires rich stamping knowledge and team cooperation.

progressive die tools stamping

pregressive die stamping Advantages

Although progressive die molds require high mold costs in the early stage, and the manufacturing cycle is much longer than single-stroke molds, the high-efficiency production speed and the supply of high-quality metal stamping parts will save a lot of time and cost. Economic costs, and reduce quality risks.

Progressive die stamping is very conducive to large quantities of complex design parts, and quickly achieve strict tolerance requirements.

Although we do not recommend investing too much mold cost for stamping parts orders with simple structure and small quantity, progressive die stamping is the most ideal manufacturing method for precision stamping parts.

  • Faster production efficiency
  • Lower production cost
  • Standardized manufacturing process
  • Wide range of material applications
  • Complex part shape
  • Excellent precision quality

pregressive die stamping Advantages

We can meet the most demanding needs and provide customers in various industries with reasonable manufacturing solutions and competitive prices.

  • Aerospace
  • Home appliances
  • Automobile manufacturer
  • Power accessories
  • Substation equipment
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Communication equipment
  • Building materials
  • Building decoration
  • Renewable energy
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Medical/Medical equipment
  • Military/defense
  • Standard parts
  • Fastener
  • Construction machinery
  • Art sculpture
  • Urban infrastructure

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