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Laser Cutting Services

We have been focusing on precision metal laser cutting service for 20 years, on-demand customized laser cut parts in many metal materials, Rapid Prototyping, no minimum order quantity, real factory quotation, professional technical support, one-stop sheet metal fabrication service.

  • Precision laser cutting prototypes for fast response
  • Get cost-effective ex-factory quotes online
  • High quality laser cut parts in Days

laser cutting Services

Supro MFG has been specializing in laser cutting metal parts for 20 years, providing precise and fast laser cutting services to a wide range of industries, with hundreds of materials to choose from and no minimum order quantities to meet all your needs and financial pressures.


With our 10.000KW and 6.000KW industrial grade laser cutting machines, we can accurately cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, titanium alloys, carbon steel sheets, wood panels, engineered plastic panels, and more.


We are a real sheet metal manufacturer, providing one-stop customized sheet metal parts service to industry leaders from all over the world, offering cost-effective factory quotes that are affordable for individuals or small to medium-sized companies.

laser cutting services factory
  • Dimensional accuracy: ±0.10mm
  • Laser incision: 0.2mm
  • Material thickness: ±0.05mm- 35mm
  • Maximum stroke: 1220mm*6000mm

Rapid Prototype Turnaround

Committed to exceeding expectations for quality and rapid turnaround, and meeting high-quality sheet metal parts.

On-Demand Sheet Metal

Whether it is rapid prototyping & large-volume manufacturing, we will implement it according to customer needs and standards.

Real Fabricators Price

Integrate product design, bending, stamping, cutting, surface treatment, etc. to provide a series of manufacturing solutions.

Optional laser cutting materials

Supro MFG offers a robust stockpile of materials to help your products can get up and running with a quick turnaround.

Within an hour, the metal material is ready for the sheet metal bending process.

aluminum alloy laser cutting

5052-H32 / 6061-T6 / 6063-T5 / 7075 etc.

stainless steel laser cutting

201 / 301 / 304 / 316

carbon steel laser cutting

mild steel / galvanized steel / alloy steel

copper laser cutting

Bronze / White Copper / Pure Copper / Brass

Fast turnaround laser cutting services

Efficient laser cutting services allow us to maintain our competitive manufacturing capabilities, maintain a high level and quality of delivery, and offer a 100% money back guarantee on all parts. You will benefit here.

  • Professional English speaking sales team.
  • A full range of after-sales protection.
  • Keep your part design confidential (signed NDA document.)
  • Experienced team of engineers to provide manufacturability analysis.
sheet metal laser cutting parts

Full range of technical support

Don't have a professional design files?

If you don’t already have a professional designer to create professional part design files for you, then we can help you with this task.

You can tell me your inspirations and ideas or make a sketch and we can turn them into real products.

We have a team of professional engineers who will analyze your design, suggest material selection, and final production and assembly.

One-stop technical support service can make your work easy and convenient.

laser cutting company

Why Choose Supro MFG

At Supro MFG, we will use the most suitable laser cutting equipment according to the material and design shape, including some special laser machines (1000Kw micro cutting machine, five-axis laser cutting machine, 20.000kw super large laser cutting machine) and other external suppliers resource. Ensure to provide customers with the smallest error laser cutting service.

  • 0.05-6mm thickness stainless steel plate ±0.1mm
  • 6mm-10mm thickness stainless steel plate ±0.2mm
  • 10mm-25mm thickness stainless steel plate ±0.35mm
  • 25mm-35mm thickness stainless steel plate ±0.5mm
sheet metal laser cutting parts

Full range of on-demand manufacturing

With our extensive experience in custom sheet metal fabrication and our advanced equipment.

We can handle precision sheet metal fabrication projects for any industry.

sheet metal laser cutting

sheet metal bending

metal welding fabrication

Countersunk and Threaded

Hardware insertion

Powder Coatings

anodic oxidation


Laser engraving / logo printing

why Choose

laser cutting Advantages

Laser cutting has a multi-purpose cutting process. It is very effective in prototypes and parts that need to be cut quickly. Laser cutting has great advantages in terms of precision and high efficiency that traditional metal cutting cannot meet.

  • high efficiency
  • low cost
  • Accurate size
  • Save material
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Mass cutting
  • Wide range of materials
  • Suitable for complex designs
  • Does not change material properties
laser cutting company

An Overview for :
What is laser cutting processing

Laser cutting is one of the efficient and economical cutting processes. The surface of the material is heated by a laser beam to penetrate the material for cutting. Laser cutting is similar to a cnc machine, with a digital process that accurately cuts out precise and complex shapes.

This is a very convenient way of cutting. The product we designed can be reached within ten minutes. Usually, as the initial process of sheet metal bending and sheet metal prototype, we quickly put the cut into the mold to facilitate forming .

stainless steel laser cutting service

How to start laser cutting?

Usually we use two-dimensional design files to open laser cutting services, widely match a variety of file formats, DXF, svg, ai, and CAD files, and arrange them in an orderly manner according to the graphic design of the product to maximize the usable area of the material , Effectively save the loss of materials and the waste of excess materials.

At Supro MFG, we provide one-stop metal parts processing services. You can send me the part design now, and the rest is waiting for us to deliver high-quality products to you on time.

Disadvantages of laser cutting Services?

Compared with traditional cutting methods, the cost of laser cutting is relatively high, because this process is very energy intensive, but the efficiency is twice that of traditional cutting methods.
If it is a large-volume demand of more than 10.000 pieces, we will recommend customers to choose lower-cost punching or CNC punching, which will save the expensive cost of laser.
It can be seen that laser cutting is very advantageous for rapid prototyping and small batch manufacturing.

What materials are restricted by laser cutting?

According to the principle of laser cutting machine, we can cut materials of any strength, but in practical applications, many materials will be deformed or broken due to high temperature, resulting in cutting errors, or damage to laser equipment, so we are focusing on soft materials, Laser cutting is not recommended for materials such as glass and thermoplastic sheets.
Aluminum alloy needs to reasonably adjust the laser beam parameters of laser cutting in laser cutting, because too high power will cause the material to be cut all over burrs, and too low power will not be able to cut the material quickly.

How does Supro MFG help the laser cutting project run?

Under normal circumstances, laser cutting is one of the main processes of internal manufacturing. It is used as a preliminary blank manufacturing process for sheet metal prototypes, helping us to challenge the creation of difficult product prototypes with higher efficiency. The flexibility of laser cutting makes it easy to change the design and material at any time during the manufacturing process.
After the prototype is approved, we will run mass production through other more efficient and low-cost manufacturing processes.

Do you want to manufacture a complex and assembled final product?

Would you like to receive the assembled Sheet Metal Bending product? Whether it is complex structure, strict standards of products, or a small number of orders.

Supro MFG can be solved smoothly, you do not need to bear any risk, protect your investment security.