Deep Drawing Services : The Benefits And Applications

sheet metal deep drawing services

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Deep drawing stamping is one of the most popular metal forming technologies in the metal manufacturing industry today. The metal sheet is pressed through a die to rapidly form metal parts with a cavity structure. For parts with a cavity shape, deep drawing services are the most efficient and low-cost. cost-effective manufacturing process.
Many times, we confuse deep drawing with ordinary stamping, the difference is that the depth of the cavity is greater than the maximum radius of the product, such a product is called “deep drawing stamping”

Deep Drawing have Wide range of applications

Almost all manufacturing industries can benefit from deep drawing services, a technology that has been continuously upgraded in modern manufacturing and is widely used in tubular metal casings, cup-shaped metal parts, and water storage tanks. Some unconventional deep drawing has gained popularity, making more special-shaped or large deep drawing parts designs to be produced economically.
Deep drawing technology is a general metal forming technology. Thanks to its insensitivity to materials, many metal sheets can be perfectly applied in this technology. The only limitations are the hardness and yield strength of the material.
At Supro MFG we often use the following materials for metal deep drawing stamping services.

  • Pure aluminum
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Stainless steel
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Pure copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Titanium alloy
  • Carbon steel


Benefits of Deep Drawing

Both deep drawing and precision stamping have economical advantages when manufacturing products in large quantities. When high-quality molds and tools are available, and samples are approved, high-volume manufacturing can be performed quickly and at low cost. What manufacturers need to do is to continuously monitor and maintain equipment operation to minimize quality risks and time costs.

For products with cavity structure, it is necessary to maintain the characteristics of uniform wall thickness, light weight, high strength and low cost. Deep drawing manufacturing is the only choice. Deep drawing parts of any shape and complex structure only exist in mold design and development costs. The large difference, which is continuously diluted during the manufacture of high-volume products, proves that deep drawn technology is the most cost-effective manufacturing solution.

  • Seamless structural parts: deep drawing parts are complete metal sheet deep drawing deformations, without any form of connection and assembly.
  • Fast Run Cycles: Large batches can be made in short time with excellent quality consistency.
  • Axisymmetric geometry: Complex geometry requires more technical details of mold manufacturing to better resolve axisymmetric parts.

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