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Aerospace industry
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The high precision, versatility, and material specificity required for aerospace industry parts are always challenging, and custom metal parts must ensure durable characteristics under any temperature, humidity, salinity, and mechanical operation.
In general, custom aerospace sheet metal parts can fully illustrate the excellent processing capabilities of a good manufacturer.
At Supro MFG, with 20 years of experience in aerospace sheet metal parts manufacturing, we have professional technical knowledge, and scientific quality control can ensure that we deliver high-quality aerospace customized parts on time and meet the stringent quality of products in the aerospace industry.

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Precision CNC machining services

Create custom metal parts with high precision, high quality, complex shapes and flawless appearance

Our powerful precision CNC Machining capabilities are widely used in custom metal parts services in the aerospace industry, including rapid prototyping and high-volume manufacturing.
Typically, we select high-quality aerospace metal and aerospace plastic materials for CNC milling to build complex part structures, meet tight tolerances, and enhance part performance and corrosion resistance through special surface treatments.

sheet metal fabrication services

The best choice for rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing to high-volume production.

Supro MFG focuses on aerospace sheet metal manufacturing, with 160 Ton-1000 Ton hydraulic sheet metal forming capabilities. The aerospace sheet metal parts formed by hydraulic sheet metal forming form shell or bracket parts with uniform thickness and few surface defects, reducing waste, Demonstrate cost-effective advantages.
Aerospace sheet metal forming by hydraulic sheet metal forming is also suitable for a variety of materials including aluminum, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass, bronze, and even titanium.

Do you want to manufacture a complex and assembled final product?

Would you like to receive the assembled Sheet Metal Bending product? Whether it is complex structure, strict standards of products, or a small number of orders.

Supro MFG can be solved smoothly, you do not need to bear any risk, protect your investment security.