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Metal Welding & Fabrication

Supro MFG is engaged in professional metal welding services,

including: robotic welding, laser welding, friction welding, TIG, MIG, etc.

Rapid Prototype Turnaround

Committed to exceeding expectations for quality and rapid turnaround, and meeting high-quality sheet metal parts.

On-Demand Sheet Metal

Whether it is rapid prototyping & large-volume manufacturing, we will implement it according to customer needs and standards.

Real Fabricators Price

Integrate product design, bending, stamping, cutting, surface treatment, etc. to provide a series of manufacturing solutions.

metal welding and fabrication services

Supro MFG has the latest welding technology and advanced welding equipment, and provides a full range of customized metal parts processing services to meet the product needs of customers in various industries. As one of the most important assembly methods, metal welding is required for many product applications. Different sheet metal parts are combined by welding to obtain the final product.

We have a professional welding team that welds various metals including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc., and has accumulated rich welding experience for automobile manufacturing, medical supplies, electronic components, fire-fighting equipment, and construction. Provide complete boxes, shells, brackets and other products in many fields, as well as more special requirements for sealing pressure vessel welding.

Please contact the expert team of Supro MFG to get the most competitive quotation and manufacturability report within a few hours.

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Supro MFG is a reliable China sheet metal welding manufacturer.

In Supro MFG, we have stainless steel welding production lines, aluminum alloy welding production lines, and steel material welding production lines. Welding according to different materials is the key to our orderly manufacturing. 5 professional industrial welding robots can realize automated welding manufacturing services.

If you have any questions or concerns about our metal welding fabrication services, please contact our sales team, we will be happy to meet your demanding requirements for the project.

Supro MFG is your reliable partner for high-quality metal welding supplier.

precision welding services

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Mass welding capability: We have welding and manufacturing production lines of different materials, which can improve the welding efficiency of different products. Robot automatic welding helps us to improve the handling of large-scale welding projects and maintain stable quality.

One-stop manufacturing:
We are market-competitive in overall metal component manufacturing. From product design, mold manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication to welding fabrication, we have the ability to handle high-volume and rapid prototyping manufacturing. And to ensure that all projects are delivered on time.
High quality promise:
We implement the ISO9001-2015 quality certification standard to help us ensure the high-quality delivery of products. Maintaining stable quality is our advantage. Once the product is licensed for production, a stable and reliable production process starts immediately.

why Choose

metal welding services Advantages

There are many ways to assemble metal parts, such as fasteners, glue, etc.

but welding is the most advantageous way.


Welding can be applied to various metal products and projects to maximize the functionality of the product.


One of the most economical ways to combine two metal parts, and is highly efficient, which greatly saves manufacturing costs.


Metal welding is a permanent assembly in which materials are melted and joined together, which is similar to a whole material.

High strength:

Reasonable metal welding can withstand very high pressure and impact. The welded material and weld scar composition will be higher than the original material's strength due to heat.

metal welding services

Metal welding service applications

Professional Contract Manutacturing Services

Supro MFG combines a variety of sheet metal manufacturing equipment to provide a variety of different sheet metal bending and assembly molding services, with the skills and experience required to make your design a reality.

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Thin Sheet welding service

Metal shell welding services

Steel structure welding service

Metal cabinet welding service

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Do you want to manufacture a complex and assembled final product?

Would you like to receive the assembled Sheet Metal Bending product? Whether it is complex structure, strict standards of products, or a small number of orders.

Supro MFG can be solved smoothly, you do not need to bear any risk, protect your investment security.