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Metal Deep Drawing Stamping Services

Supro MFG is a one-stop custom sheet metal deep drawing manufacturer specializing in part design, prototyping, and deep drawing tooling.

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Committed to exceeding expectations for quality and rapid turnaround, and meeting high-quality sheet metal parts.

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Whether it is rapid prototyping & large-volume manufacturing, we will implement it according to customer needs and standards.

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Integrate product design, bending, stamping, cutting, surface treatment, etc. to provide a series of manufacturing solutions.

deep drawing stamping Services

Deep drawing stamping is to deform a flat metal material in a stamping mold after applying pressure. When the drawing depth exceeds the part radius, it is called Deep drawing stamping. It is widely used in various industries and is the most economical and efficient alternative to cnc turning parts. One of the manufacturing processes.

Supro MFG provides cost-effective metal deep drawing parts manufacture services. We have accumulated a wealth of manufacturing experience and professional knowledge to help us gain wide recognition from customers in the application of precision deep drawing stamping molds.

We comply with the operation of the ISO9001-2015 quality system and can deliver high-quality deep drawn services on time. We are familiar with the standards and demanding requirements of parts and molds in various industries. We provide all customers with free product design and optimization services, as well as mold design. One-stop manufacturing services such as manufacturing, mass production, surface treatment, and heat treatment.

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stainless steel deep drawing stamping

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We focus on deep drawing parts of various materials, and parts with different shapes and structures should be reasonably selected with the correct metal materials. This is very important to ensure the high quality of the parts.

copper alloy
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aluminum alloy
stamping parts

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stainless steel
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material solutions

Supro MFG offers a robust stockpile of materials to help your products can get up and running with a quick turnaround.

Within an hour, the metal material is ready for the deep drawing process.

Aluminum Alloy

stainless steel





6061-T6 / T5























Q235 - F




# 45

20 G

Corrugated Steel Sheets

Fluorocarbon color steel

Embossed panels

Galvanized sheet

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Advantages of deep drawing stamping

Deep drawn stamping is one of the most efficient and economical manufacturing methods suitable for mass production of parts. With high-quality molds and high-speed punches, manufacturing efficiency can be greatly improved.


Deep drawn components are integrally formed to maintain uniform wall thickness and complex shape structure. They are suitable for the manufacture of parts with functions such as waterproof or air tightness. Compared with CNC turning parts, it can save a lot of processing costs.


Compared with other metal forming processes, deep drawing stamping parts deform more depending on the yield strength of the material, which greatly reduces the waste of materials and saves material costs.

deep drawing cans parts
deep drawing can


How to deep drawing presses ?

Deep Drawing stamping surface treatment

Reasonable surface treatment of metal parts can improve the durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, electrical conductivity and appearance decoration of the material.

power coating
Electric galvanized
Spray painting
  • Mirror polishing
  • Wire drawing
  • Galvanizing
  • Anodizing
  • Black oxide coating
  • Chrome plating
  • Electroplating
  • Powder coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Laser engraving
  • Printing

deep drawing applications

We produce round, square, rectangular and asymmetric shapes between ⅛" and 12" in diameter and 12" in length. We use metal thicknesses from 0.002 to 0.187 inches, and our manufacturing process accommodates both flat and corrugated diaphragms. We are able to manufacture deep drawn parts to within +/- 0.002 inches.

copper deep drawing parts

Our capabilities allow us to create a variety of custom shaped and styled components such as:

  • Hollow boxes
  • Cover or lids
  • Cans
  • Cylinder
  • Boxes
  • Square Containers
  • Flange
  • Unique custom shapes

Supro MFG is a leading deep drawn sheet metal company in China.

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