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Sheet Metal parts fabrication is a general term for sheet metal processing. By bending, punching, stretching, cutting, welding, etc., sheet metal materials, three-dimensional metal parts are constructed, including: metal shells, metal brackets, metal cabinets, metal Boxes, etc., have the characteristics of uniform wall thickness, light weight, high strength and low manufacturing cost. Widely used in: components of communications, automobile manufacturing, medical, military, electronic appliances and other industries.

The electrical and electronic industry is currently one of the industries with the highest demand for sheet metal parts. In order to meet the functional and appearance requirements of sheet metal parts in the electrical and electronic industry, many sheet metal materials have special materials for the electrical and electronic industry.

For example: refrigerators and air-conditioning appliances require very good corrosion-resistant coatings and high-strength materials. We usually choose fluorocarbon color-coated galvanized steel sheets; computer cases and electrical enclosures will choose insulating coatings; electronic equipment brackets Materials with high strength and easy welding characteristics will be selected.

Below we will introduce the commonly used sheet metal materials in the electronic and electrical industry.

Ordinary cold rolled sheet (SPCC)

It is a steel plate, coil or sheet that is continuously rolled by a cold rolling mill. Usually, the factory state is without any coating protection, which is easy to be oxidized and rusted.

However, it has high strength and low cost. It is suitable for welding and has been formed. , is widely used in stamping and sheet metal bending, and is a common raw material for electronic and electrical bracket products. It is usually electro-galvanized, powder sprayed or painted on the surface after processing and assembly to increase the corrosion resistance of the material, and can Custom colors and textures.

Commonly used in manufacturing: outdoor brackets, electronic equipment cabinets, electrical internal connection brackets, etc.

Galvanized steel sheet (SECC)

This is a kind of steel plate with galvanized galvanized uniformly attached to the surface after degreasing, pickling, electroplating or other treatment of cold-rolled sheet. It has the same mechanical properties and workability as cold-rolled steel sheets, and has excellent corrosion resistance and aesthetics. It has economic competitiveness in electronic products and home appliances, such as computer cases, server shells, etc. It is a cost-effective material.

However, after the galvanized steel sheet is processed, there will be a gap of the cold-rolled sheet without galvanizing at the fracture. This is the difference between the galvanized steel sheet and the cold-rolled sheet. Therefore, in application, galvanized steel sheet products cannot be used in harsh environments. In use, the fracture will appear rusted.

Of course, at Supro MFG, we usually recommend buyers or designers to paint the outer surface of the product, which can increase the aesthetics and prolong the corrosion resistance.

Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (SGCC)

This is a metal sheet material similar to galvanized steel sheet (SECC), and the manufacturing process is also very similar. The main difference is that after high-temperature galvanizing, a thicker galvanized coating is formed on the surface of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.

The corrosion resistance is high, but the hardness has also been improved, exceeding the strength of galvanized steel sheet (SECC), the ductility is also weakened, and the weldability is poor, so it is suitable for some products that need riveting and avoid stretching.

Stainless steel 301 (SUS 301)

This is a stainless steel sheet with low chromium (Cr) content, poor corrosion resistance and low price. However, it has good mechanical properties and tensile resistance, and is a material with good elasticity and hardness. It is widely used in shrapnel and spring products inside electronic products.

Stainless steel 304 (SUS 304)

It is one of the most widely used metal materials. Because of its high nickel (Ni) content, it has excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low elasticity, low cost, and is widely used in all walks of life. , Usually the main shell or frame of electronic products will choose this cost-effective material, with bright surface and easy molding.

Stainless steel 316/316L (SUS 316/316L)

It is widely used in the field of electronic equipment in the food industry, and has the characteristics of antibacterial, environmental protection and edible, such as: CNC assembly line components in the food industry, electronic sugar measuring instrument accessories, and other electronic testing equipment. It has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and excellent mechanical properties, but the price is higher.

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