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Telecom sheet metal parts fabrication

In the 21st century, the communication and telecommunications industry is developing rapidly and is a high-tech industry with great potential. More and more high-tech products are widely used in various industries around the world. Custom sheet metal part fabrication provides durable, cost-effective component support for the telecommunications industry.

Telecommunications sheet metal chassis, metal casings, special metal brackets and other sheet metal components can be seen everywhere in communities, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, factories, and residences.

We specialize in the customization of sheet metal parts for the telecommunications industry and have more than 30 years of experience in custom sheet metal manufacturing.

We can always meet the stringent requirements of the telecommunications industry for metal sheet metal components, provide corrosion-resistant and durable components for outdoor equipment, ensure the precise tolerance standards required for components, and reasonably design special designs required for circuits or equipment.

Provide reliable, high-quality manufacturing solutions for your telecommunications equipment projects.

telecom metal parts

Sheet metal parts manufacturing solutions for the needs of the telecom industry

At Supro MFG, with sheet metal bending, metal stamping, cnc machining and other manufacturing techniques, the tight tolerances and demands required for all telecom sheet metal fabrication are met. Provide one-stop telecom sheet metal component manufacturing services, including design, rapid prototyping, assembly, functional testing, packaging and shipping, saving you time and cost.

Why choose Supro MFG for custom telecom parts?

We are good at actively providing technical support services, turning customers’ ideas or designs into reality, cooperating with a variety of special surface treatments, enhancing the corrosion resistance of products, improving the appearance, printing logos and other patterns, so that the products can be directly put into the sales market .

We maintain stable cooperative relations with the world’s top telecommunication and communication equipment manufacturers, participate in the development and mass production of new products for many times, and use our rich experience and professional technical team to provide manufacturability solutions for products, and in production verified in the process.

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One-stop Telecom Sheet Metal Fabrication services

We can customize high-quality sheet metal shell parts and other special accessories according to your project needs, such as: hinges, locks, handles, special fasteners and a series of functions required by the telecommunications industry.

With 30 years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing and design for telecommunications, we have won the trust of many customers and actively provide you with one-stop sheet metal manufacturing solutions and cost-effective technical support services.

Strict control of material and quality

Supro MFG is an ISO 9001-2015 certified sheet metal manufacturer with extremely strict control over materials and quality, ensuring that all products undergo rigorous testing and issue authoritative material report documents.

telecom metal parts

Do you want to manufacture a complex and assembled final product?

Would you like to receive the assembled Sheet Metal Bending product? Whether it is complex structure, strict standards of products, or a small number of orders.

Supro MFG can be solved smoothly, you do not need to bear any risk, protect your investment security.