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Supro MFG is an industry-leading custom metal enclosure manufacturer in China, actively providing a full range of custom metal enclosures manufacturing solutions according to various industry applications, environments, industry standards and functional requirements.

Whether it’s small aluminum enclosures, extruded aluminum enclosures, stainless steel enclosures, carbon steel cabinets, die-cast junction boxes enclosures, or sheet metal enclosures, we have 28 years of experience ensuring the delivery of high-quality, close-tolerance metal enclosures.

custom metal enclosure manufacturer

Custom metal enclosures manufacturing

Supro MFG provides a wide range of custom metal enclosure manufacturing solutions to help our customers save time, optimize product performance and enhance cost-effectiveness by improving product quality and efficiency, better catering to buyers from around the world and their project operations.

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Why choose Supro MFG's Custom metal enclosure Services

Provide the most cost-effective cost solution for manufacturing and assembling products, expanding product competitiveness.

a technical team specializing in custom shell manufacturing for more than 30 years.
Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: Industry-leading custom metal enclosure manufacturer with in-house sheet metal, die casting, precision machining workshops, and surface coating workshops.

ISO 9001-2015, PPAP III level, RoHS, NEMA, CE and other certified production standards.
24H*7 online English technical support: The professional English team responds quickly to users’ technical questions online at any time.

help users from product design, prototype, batch manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly and packaging, transportation and a series of value-added services.

With in-house mechanics and chemistry laboratories, it can quickly monitor manufacturing process quality control to ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

Accept to sign NDA documents to ensure that customers’ product information is protected.

Door-to-door delivery in customizable secure packaging after complying with the delivery details agreed with the customer.

custom metal enclosures services

metal enclosures fabrication services

With our extensive experience in custom sheet metal fabrication and our advanced equipment.

We can handle precision sheet metal fabrication projects for any industry.

metal enclosure laser cutting

metal enclosure bending

metal enclosure welding fabrication

metal enclosure Surface pretreatment

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metal enclosure surface treatment

for your industry
Metal enclosures Fabrication

indoor metal enclosures

outdoor metal enclosures

  • Server and data center cabinets
  • Computer and network cabinets and enclosures
  •  Electrical cabinets, control boxes and enclosures
  • Equipment cabinets and enclosures
  • Mild Steel Enclosure With Window And Handle
  • Powder Coated Mild Steel Junction Box
  • Mild Steel Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure
  • Mild Steel Standing Enclosure
  • Mild Steel NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosure
  • Mild Steel Table Desk Electrical Enclosure
  • Car Wash Vacuum Unit Enclosures
  • Meter Control Panel Enclosures
  • Vacuum Hose Hanger
  • Programmable Token Vendor Enclosure
  • Motor Control Center Enclosure
  • Custom Signage and Architectural Elements
  • Indoor Use Stainless Steel Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosure
  • 316 Stainless Steel Junction Box
  • stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • free-standing stainless steel electrical enclosures,
  • floor mount stainless steel electrical enclosures,
  • wall mount stainless steel electrical enclosures,
  • stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • stainless steel modular enclosures.

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Custom Metal Enclosure Design Services

Whether your next project is a metal enclosure project for a precision instrument or a simple storage container, industry-leading design and manufacturing experience is an essential element of the design effort.

Supro MFG provides active custom metal enclosure design support services according to the custom enclosure’s application scenarios, functional requirements, and stringent acceptance criteria to ensure that products meet customer product expectations.

Supro MFG has an experienced team of design experts who will create various product design and manufacturing solutions through CAD/Solidworks, and aesthetic designs for various application scenarios. You can easily choose the most ideal result.

  • High-performance materials that meet the application environment.
  • Structure and components to meet functional requirements.
  • Establish excellent visual aesthetic appearance.
  • Optimize the cost competitive advantage of product manufacturing.
custom metal enclosure manufacturer

Custom metal Enclosure Material Solution

Supro MFG will choose the right materials, accessories, manufacturing process, etc. according to your needs and application. At the beginning of custom metal enclosure projects, all fabrication details will get your permission. Helping you to complete your project with the easiest and most efficient way.

Aluminum alloy


stainless steel


Carbon Steel

Galvanized Steel/Painted steel

Accessories assembly & surface aesthetics

Custom Metal enclosures Fabrication

Flexible Accessories Assembly Services

In order to meet better functional custom metal enclosure projects, Supro MFG provides a full range of customized accessories and installation services. Whether your project is used in electronics, electrical appliances, industrial, medical and other industries, we can match your enclosure project with high Quality hardware, and installed correctly: hinges, rails, handles, shutters, casters, rain covers, standard/non-standard fasteners, locks, wall brackets, dividers, sponge seals, hydraulic springs, pneumatic struts, etc. .
We provide competitive value-added services, you can provide these accessories, we can also help to purchase at the factory price, provide after-sales warranty and replacement services.

custom stainless steel control cabinet
sheet metal bending enclosures parts

Aesthetics Surface Finishing Services

Metal enclosures are usually used as outer protection and decoration. While protecting the internal precision instruments to the greatest extent, perfect visual aesthetics is an important role required by the project.
We provide a series of services such as aluminum alloy anodizing, stainless steel electropolishing, physical spraying, polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting, screen printing, laser engraving, UV spraying, etc.
Customizable color settings,
It can effectively enhance the anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and increase the strength of the material, and can also achieve the effect of improving the appearance.

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Custom metal enclosures process

Cutting :

According to different product requirements and materials, we use metal stamping, CNC punching, laser cutting, water jet cutting and other methods.


We cold work and bend the metal plate through processes such as sheet metal bender, so that the metal plate can be quickly deformed into the shape we need. This is a very important process and it is necessary to understand sheet metal design guidelines.


 Usually we rely on stamping to make some special designs such as: cooling vents, shutters, and other special designs, suitable for stamping and forming of large-scale products, with the advantages of high efficiency and low cost.

deep drawing:

The metal plate is deformed by external force. After forming, the thickness of the material will become thinner. Generally, the reinforcing ribs and ribs on the product are increased by stretching to enhance the structural rigidity and stress strength of the product. You can also add bumpy logo graphics.


Supro MFG has a strong internal welding production line to provide welding support for sheet metal workshop products, including: arc welding, gas shielded welding, robotic welding, precision mold welding, etc. We have rich experience and professional expertise in sheet metal welding. The technical team can easily deal with the welding work of various structures and materials.


Riveting and welding are essential processes for customizing sheet metal cabinets. Most sheet metal cabinets need to be assembled with many accessories. We have a large reserve warehouse for fasteners and hinges, and can accept any special custom or imperial Fastener assembly to meet all the needs of users is our goal.

surface Treatment

According to the harsh application environment of different products, we can carry out surface treatment to enhance the characteristics of metal materials. For example, powder coating can be used for outdoor chassis to enhance corrosion resistance and increase aesthetics. The aluminum sheet metal chassis can be anodized to enhance surface hardness and customizable in beautiful colors. Kitchen cabinets can be brushed or painted to improve surface aesthetics and corrosion resistance. For more surface treatment options, please click here.

Testing :

 In order to ensure that the product can meet the harsh application environment, we can conduct simulation tests on the product,

  • Salt Spray Test
  • scratch test
  • impact test
  • drop test
  • High temperature test
  • low temperature test
  • Wiring test

Get instant ex-factory price quotation.

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  • Product design drawings or 3D model files.
  • Material standards and appearance requirements.
  • Product quantity demand.
  • Industry standards in the application field.
  • Functional requirements