About Supro MFG

About Supro Manufacturing Group

Performer of on-demand manufacturing of intelligent digital industrial sheet metal parts.

China Supro Manufacturing Group is located in Shanghai, was established in 2006. It focuses on a series of product design and manufacturing services for sheet metal fabrication. It strictly implements ISO9001-2015 quality standards and realizes innovative on-demand manufacturing of customized products through digital intelligent manufacturing production lines. 

Based on our rich manufacturing experience, professional technical support and the successful delivery of more than 20.000 projects, we have received the trust of more than 3,500 buyers worldwide.

At Supro, we focus on custom sheet metal cabinets, enclosures, brackets, and all demanding sheet metal shell products, and provide a series of turnkey manufacturing services, including: product design, mass manufacturing, surface treatment and complex Assembly service.

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Supro represents the "Super professional supply" that we strive to become a global buyer.

What can we do for you?

At Supro MFG, we maintain a positive attitude at all times to handle sheet metal fabrication projects for customers, help customers quickly advance the project, and deliver high-quality sheet metal parts on time.

We have the ability to combine all internal manufacturing equipment with external supplier resources, including: 3 Axis, 4 Axis, 5 Axis cnc machining parts, precision mold design and manufacturing, Sheet Metal stamping parts, metal welding manufacturing, surface treatment, metal heat treatment, etc., A series of manufacturing services such as assembly and post-processing of multi-component products.

In many cases, customers will choose to involve Supro's engineering team in the product development process. With years of manufacturing experience and technical knowledge, we can provide customers with more manufacturability design suggestions and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

We accept an "inspiration" or an old sample from the customer as the target. We are very willing to use our professional knowledge to help customers improve product design and requirements.


Provide automated sheet metal manufacturing services to the world through technological innovation and rapid response.

Supro MFG has invested in the establishment of 3 automated manufacturing bases to provide one-stop solutions for hybrid parts assembly, mass manufacturing and other needs through advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment. Change the bad impression of “poor quality, poor communication, and delayed delivery” made in China in the world’s manufacturing industry.

  • Provide real China manufacturers ex-factory quotation.
  • Speed ​​up the development and manufacturing process of sheet metal projects.
  • Transparent production plan and schedule. (Weekly progress report)
  • One-stop turnkey manufacturing service.
  • Cost-effective product manufacturing services.
  • Choosing us is like choosing 20 suppliers.
  • 24 hours *7Days online technical support.
  • Professional English technical consultant to maintain smooth communication.
  • Undifferentiated manufacturing services, no minimum order quantity.


Supro MFG is a professional Chinese sheet metal manufacturer, we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom sheet metal parts fabrication and Sheet metal Prototype, ISO 9001-2015 certified, providing a full range of sheet metal parts fabrication solutions and technical support .
We are not a trader, all products are done in our in-house factory, we have a reliable supplier of surface treatment, heat treatment, and standard parts to support us, and we can provide you with economical sheet metal manufacturers ex-works prices.

We have our own sheet metal fabrication factory, welding workshop, laser cutting workshop, and precision CNC Machining workshop, with a total area of more than 3000 square meters, with 12 technical engineers, 36 skilled workers, 6 quality engineers, and a professional English sales team.

Of course, we keep all the customer's information confidential, sign a non-disclosure agreement, our factory will not allow unrelated personnel to enter without authorization, your product design and patented technology will be protected by us.

Yes, we have rich manufacturing experience and technical knowledge, can draw professional design files (including: STL/STEP/IGES/PDF/CAD, etc.) according to your ideas, and provide you with free manufacturability solutions. Actively help you optimize product design, reduce costs, and make your product design more dynamic in the sales market.

From raw materials to finished packaging, we will provide you with reliable quality inspection reports and photos at any time. If you need an authoritative third-party inspection report, we can also actively cooperate to ensure that you will receive high-quality products.

T/T, Paypal western union, L/C, and other channels you suggest (contact us for negotiation).

Yes, we can provide system documentation for PPAP level3.

Our quotations are all factory quotations from manufacturers, and all manufacturing costs and labor costs are traceable. We all use the raw materials of authoritative manufacturer brands, refuse to cut corners, and all products are subject to our quality control.
While there are plenty of small businesses that offer you a very low price, the quality can be at risk.
What your project needs more is the guarantee of high-quality products and on-time delivery, not high-risk.

We do not set a minimum order quantity. Whether you need a small amount of prototypes or large quantities, we will treat you equally and provide you with a full range of manufacturing services and technical support.

We will develop a detailed production plan, every point in time will be practically verified, and all processes are under our monitoring to ensure on-time delivery of high-quality products. (Except for the influence of force majeure factors)
Once there is a signal of delay, we will organize more production capacity to ensure on-time delivery.

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