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Sheet metal covers are generally used to protect circuits or precision equipment. The strength and durability of metal can effectively prevent corrosion caused by harsh application environments. In many cases, sheet metal covers need to be designed according to the actual application environment. Size and material , Supro MFG will be your best partner for custom metal covers.
Supro MFG is an experienced custom sheet metal manufacturer, over the past 30 years we have designed and mass produced a wide variety of metal covers parts. From design, rapid prototyping, low-volume production to high-volume manufacturing, we can provide a full range of technical support and customization services.
Generally speaking, we choose high-quality galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, copper sheet, fluorocarbon color steel sheet and other materials, we build special textures as well as custom finishes to meet the aesthetics of most applications, widely used In: construction industry, ventilation ducts, electrical control panels, power line protection, etc.

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