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Compared with castings, forgings and precision machined parts, sheet metal stamping parts have the characteristics of uniform wall thickness, small wall thickness, light weight and high strength, and have unique advantages. In order to meet the application of high-strength products, stamping parts can easily produce products with special details such as reinforcing ribs, reinforcing ribs, irregular undulations, and flanging, which can effectively improve the rigidity and strength of the product.

Relying on high-precision stamping dies, precision stamping parts with a tolerance of 0.005mm can be manufactured, and it has the advantages of high repetition rate, low cost, high efficiency, etc., and the product accuracy remains consistent.

Generally speaking, any stamping parts with complex structure can be constructed by means of moulds without the need for precision cnc machining secondary processing. At Supro MFG, we usually save the investment of moulds in order to help customers save costs and choose to use 5 Axis laser custting services to Special details are processed.

In general, sheet metal stamping has good comprehensive advantages and is widely used in various fields. For example, there are stamping processes in aerospace, aviation, military industry, machinery, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railways, post and telecommunications, transportation, chemicals, medical equipment, household appliances and light industry.

Not only the entire manufacturing industry, but also many products in daily life can be applied to sheet metal stamping parts, such as aircraft, trains, automobiles, tractors, there are many large, medium and small stamping parts, car bodies, frames and rims 80% of bicycles, sewing machines, and watches are stamped parts; 90% of TV sets, tape recorders, and cameras are stamped parts; as well as food metal tank shells, steel boilers, and enamel basins Bowls and stainless steel cutlery are all stamped products using molds; even computer hardware is indispensable for stamping parts.

Below we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of stamping parts in detail.


low cost

Sheet metal stamping is a low-cost method of fabrication, often lower than other metal fabrication processes, and is the preferred option for projects with limited budgets. Although it needs to invest in expensive mold costs, relying on reliable stamping parts manufacturers, rational use of stamping technology knowledge, and using high-quality stamping molds can be mass-produced products at lower cost. In the end, you will find that high mold investment is the lowest cost of manufacturing tools.

high volume manufacturing

Sheet metal stamping can manufacture hundreds of thousands of high-quality parts at one time, and continuously produce large-scale products while ensuring that quality standards are met. If it is a product with a simple shape and low precision, the efficiency can be increased by 50%.

Simple operation

Stamping dies, metal sheet materials, and stamping equipment are the three main elements that make up stamping parts manufacturing. Compared with cnc machining, sheet metal bending, and Metal casting services, there is no need for complicated tools and tooling tools, etc., with advanced CNC stamping equipment. , in a very short time can start the manufacturing process of the stamping project.

Broad Applicability

Sheet metal stamping is a general sheet metal manufacturing process that can create products of various sizes and shapes, regardless of complex structures or designs with simple shapes, and is highly adaptable to materials.


Higher scrap rate

The quality of sheet metal stamping parts is often reduced due to the state of the raw materials. In order to protect the accuracy of the mold, the metal sheet raw materials need to be formed in the mold in a flat, smooth and clean state. Especially for progressive die stamping mould during operation, automated moulds and equipment cannot automatically identify the occurrence of errors, and very strict quality control needs to be maintained, but a high percentage of scrap rate is part of the project planning manual, so the general stamping project Expected to require a proportionally higher scrap rate.。

Expensive mold cost

Custom sheet metal stamping parts require rich manufacturing experience and technical knowledge, which will increase R&D costs and other required technical labor, so if stamping products with complex structures, it is best to manufacture them in large quantities to dilute the cost of molds, otherwise it will increase Manufacturing cost per product.

High cost of quality control

Sheet metal stamping manufacturing can stably produce large quantities of parts, but in the manufacturing process, it is necessary to monitor the accuracy of all manufacturing processes and whether all manufacturing parts are running normally to ensure stable and orderly operation of products.

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