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Custom Metal Panel

Nameplates & Control Panels & Logo panel

custom metal panel parts

With the rapid development of intelligent systems and automation equipment, more and more intelligent equipment are widely used in life and industrial manufacturing, including: smart home, CNC equipment, automation instruments, etc. High-quality control panels are essential Accessories.
Supro MFG provides customized control panel manufacturing services for users in various industries, we have a skilled and experienced technical team, which can meet the application of harsh environments such as ultraviolet radiation, high temperature, salt spray, chemicals, flame combustion, impact, wear and so on.

Wide application of Metal panel

Black powder coating
Electric galvanized
Wire drawing
  • nameplate
  • control panel
  • asset tag
  • front panel
  • Dashboard
  • Compliance and Military
  • Specifications
  • Serial/Model Label
  • writing/typing labels
  • Product and Equipment ID Plates
  • Operating Procedures Tab
  • Recognition and Reward Plaques
  • Plant/Tree ID Marks and Signs
  • VIN, HIN and Container Plates
  • interpretive signage
  • computer label
  • Caution/Warning/Danger Placards
  • Load Chart, Radius Indicator Plate
  • Scale/Dial/Panel
  • asset tag
  • UID/Barcode Label
  • Exterior and interior signage

Do you want to manufacture a complex and assembled final product?

Would you like to receive the assembled Sheet Metal Bending product? Whether it is complex structure, strict standards of products, or a small number of orders.

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