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about Custom copper parts

Pure copper is a natural metal with a red color. It has non-magnetic properties, good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. It is easy to process and weld, and is suitable for a variety of processing techniques.


In addition, copper has antibacterial properties and is often used in food-related industries. Commonly used in manufacturing: power connectors, conductive gaskets, heating parts, tableware, water pipe connectors, etc.


Copper alloys with different properties are obtained by adding different elements on the basis of pure copper, which are mainly divided into copper alloys such as brass, bronze and cupronickel. They have a very long history of application. Bronze alloys were commonly used in ancient China for casting weapons and sacrificial objects. 


Supro MFG provides cost-effective custom processing services for copper and copper alloy parts. A variety of precision manufacturing processes can meet your demanding requirements, such as sheet metal bending, copper stamping parts, copper cnc machining, copper alloy welding services, etc.


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Why choose Supro MFG's Custom metal parts Services

We have a professional team of technical experts, relying on advanced manufacturing equipment to help you efficiently promote the process of customizing copper alloy parts projects. We have successfully participated in 3000 different projects in product design, mass manufacturing, quality control and other links. Give more professional technical support to ensure timely delivery of high-quality customized copper parts.

Provide the most cost-effective cost solution for manufacturing and assembling products, expanding product competitiveness.

a technical team specializing in custom shell manufacturing for more than 30 years.
Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: Industry-leading custom metal enclosure manufacturer with in-house sheet metal, die casting, precision machining workshops, and surface coating workshops.

ISO 9001-2015, PPAP III level, RoHS, NEMA, CE and other certified production standards.
24H*7 online English technical support: The professional English team responds quickly to users’ technical questions online at any time.

help users from product design, prototype, batch manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly and packaging, transportation and a series of value-added services.

With in-house mechanics and chemistry laboratories, it can quickly monitor manufacturing process quality control to ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

Accept to sign NDA documents to ensure that customers’ product information is protected.

Door-to-door delivery in customizable secure packaging after complying with the delivery details agreed with the customer.

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Copper Alloy Material Style

advantage of copper alloy

  • Electrical conductivity and heat resistance
  • Beautiful “non-ferrous” metals
  • Durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Malleability.
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Recyclable metals
  • Excellent physical and chemical properties
  • Diamagnetic metal
  • Good processing performance and good plasticity
  • Very good casting performance.
  • Excellent anti-friction and wear resistance,
  • High elastic limit and fatigue limit

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