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Supro MFG is an industry-leading custom metal housing manufacturer in China, actively providing a full range of custom metal housing manufacturing solutions according to various industry applications, environments, industry standards and functional requirements.

Whether it’s small aluminum housing, extruded aluminum housings, stainless steel housings, carbon steel housings, die-cast junction boxes housings, or sheet metal housings, we have 28 years of experience ensuring the delivery of high-quality, close-tolerance metal housing.

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Custom metal housings manufacturing

Supro MFG provides a wide range of custom metal housing manufacturing solutions to help our customers save time, optimize product performance and enhance cost-effectiveness by improving product quality and efficiency, better catering to buyers from around the world and their project operations.

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Extrusion housing

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Custom metal housings Material Solution

Supro MFG will choose the right materials, accessories, manufacturing process, etc. according to your needs and application. At the beginning of custom metal enclosure projects, all fabrication details will get your permission. Helping you to complete your project with the easiest and most efficient way.

Aluminum alloy


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Carbon Steel

Galvanized Steel/Painted steel

metal housing fabrication services

With our extensive experience in custom sheet metal fabrication and our advanced equipment.

We can handle precision sheet metal fabrication projects for any industry.

Precision CNC Machining services

sheet metal bending services

metal welding fabrication

laser cutting services

Surface treatment services

metal housing assembly services

for your industry
Metal housing Fabrication

indoor metal enclosures

outdoor metal enclosures

  • Server and data center housing
  • Computer and network housing and enclosures
  •  Electrical cabinets, control boxes and housings
  • Equipment cabinets and housing
  • Mild Steel housing With Window And Handle
  • Powder Coated Mild Steel Junction Box
  • Mild Steel Wall Mount Electrical housing
  • Mild Steel Standing Housing
  • Mild Steel NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosure
  • Mild Steel Table Desk Electrical Enclosure
  • Car Wash Vacuum Unit Enclosures
  • Meter Control Panel Enclosures
  • Vacuum Hose Hanger
  • Programmable Token Vendor Enclosure
  • Motor Control Center Enclosure
  • Custom Signage and Architectural Elements
  • Indoor Use Stainless Steel Wall Mount Electrical Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosure
  • 316 Stainless Steel Junction Box
  • stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • free-standing stainless steel electrical enclosures,
  • floor mount stainless steel electrical enclosures,
  • wall mount stainless steel electrical enclosures,
  • stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • stainless steel modular enclosures.

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Custom Metal housing Design Services

Whether your next project is a metal enclosure project for a precision instrument or a simple storage container, industry-leading design and manufacturing experience is an essential element of the design effort.

Supro MFG provides active custom metal housing design support services according to the custom enclosure’s application scenarios, functional requirements, and stringent acceptance criteria to ensure that products meet customer product expectations.

Supro MFG has an experienced team of design experts who will create various product design and manufacturing solutions through CAD/Solidworks, and aesthetic designs for various application scenarios. You can easily choose the most ideal result.

  • High-performance materials that meet the application environment.
  • Structure and components to meet functional requirements.
  • Establish excellent visual aesthetic appearance.
  • Optimize the cost competitive advantage of product manufacturing.
custom metal enclosure manufacturer

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