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sheet metal stamping parts

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What is sheet metal stamping?

Sheet metal stamping is to apply external pressure to various materials such as metal sheets, metal pipes, metal bars, etc. through hydraulic or mechanical presses by means of stamping dies, so as to deform and separate the metal materials, and obtain a product design structure that fits the mold cavity. Production method.

Sheet metal stamping parts are widely used in various industries, suitable for a variety of metal sheet materials, mainly including: carbon steel, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, galvanized steel, titanium alloy and so on. Sheet metal stamping does not change the properties of the material during processing. The material is changed into products of various shapes, sizes and properties through pressure, which is very suitable for the manufacture of large-scale sheet metal parts, with low cost, high efficiency and uniformity. gender and other characteristics.

Stamping dies, materials, and stamping equipment are the three most important elements in the stamping manufacturing process.

The most important thing in the stamping manufacturing process is the design and manufacture of stamping dies. Cutting, forming and straightening are the three main functions of stamping dies. Through professional stamping engineers, a series of stamping manufacturing processes can be skillfully formed, and finally we can obtain Highest quality precision stamped parts. And through different molds, it can be divided into Precision stamping services, progressive die stamping, compound die stamping, deep drawing stamping and other manufacturing processes.

High-quality stamping dies can be manufactured in batches with high efficiency. Although high investment in mold costs is required, as more and more products are put into the market, the cost of molds will be ignored. In addition, with the continuous upgrading of manufacturing technology, You can choose to use fully automatic CNC punching equipment, which can greatly reduce labor costs, and you don’t need to worry about dimensional deviation errors in high-quality molds.

In order to better deform the material in the mold, the material with higher hardness will be heated during the stamping process to become hot stamping; while the stamping process of the material with lower hardness and better molding is called cold stamping, which is usually suitable for For thin sheet materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sheet Metal Stamped Parts.

Burr :

Under the impact of external force, the metal sheet will be cut with the mold closed to remove excess material. However, there are often debris of the material at the port edge of the material, we become burrs, affect the use of the product, and even hurt people’s skin, causing unnecessary trouble.

Generally, the appearance of burrs is related to the accuracy of the mold. When there are too many pores between the upper and lower parts of the mold, the cutting material is not fast and neat enough, and the metal chips are deformed and burrs are formed, resulting in a decrease in the accuracy of the mold and the occurrence of quality problems. risk.

Usually, we will perform precise machining on the mold, adjust the combined gap of all parts to the minimum, maintain the hardness and accuracy of the mold, and reduce the appearance of burrs.

Material surface is uneven :

The deformation of the metal sheet under pressure is usually due to the presence of metal scrap or debris inside the mold or on the material. It is necessary to clean the mold and worktable before stamping to avoid waste chips from damaging the surface of the product.

regular stamped :

This is mostly because metal scraps and foreign objects are attached to the rollers of the conveying material, and the imprints appear at regular circumferential intervals. Therefore, when the rolled material is running on the automatic feeder, it must be cleaned and inspected regularly.

Material edge damage:

This is mostly because the roll material is on the edge of the automatic feeder, and the effective gap is too small, and the conveyor causes damage during the conveying process, which will affect the closing of the mold, thereby affecting the accuracy of the product.


This is a very common problem that scratches the surface of the material due to the transportation and handling of the material. Therefore, during the material transportation and handling process, the material is fully protected to prevent damage to the mold caused by scratching the material, and the quality of the material is checked before the stamping process.
Damage on the mold can also cause scratches on the product, so the mold should be checked regularly to eliminate hidden dangers and repair the mold immediately.


Usually, metal materials are analyzed and tested before being put into production. Materials with different hardness and yield strength require different mold designs.

When the material has high hardness and poor plasticity, the blank holder force of the mold is too large, resulting in the material unable to be formed. , the bottom material is cracked, so the hardness of the material or the blank holder force of the die should be adjusted appropriately.

side wrinkles

During the stamping process of the product, wrinkles appear on the side, indicating that the matching space of the mold is too large, or the thickness of the material is reduced, so that the material cannot stick to the mold. produce wrinkles.

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