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Supro Manufacturing Co., LTD. is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in custom sheet metal junction boxes, offering solutions for all shapes and sizes of metal junction boxes. This includes: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, pre-galvanized sheet metal, copper, titanium and other materials to meet a variety of industry applications.

With our advanced equipment and professional manufacturing engineering team, we can provide manufacturing solutions for various applications and complex structures of junction boxes through sheet metal bending, sheet metal stamping, CNC machining, aluminum extrusion, welding, CNC sheet metal punching, and artistic surface treatment.

We are an industry leading sheet metal manufacturer with strong manufacturing capabilities, a dedicated manufacturing team, and extensive manufacturing experience. ISO 9001-2015 as well as 14001 certified, supplying 3000+ global buyers with: Mounting box, fixture box, handy box, remodeling box, light switch box, receptacle box, outlet box, electrical box, ceiling fan box, etc.

In addition to metal junction boxes, Supro MFG can custom design and mass manufacture other custom sheet metal products to suit your needs. Electrical enclosures, metal cabinets, outdoor grilles, metal brackets, and control panels.

custom metal junction box

Custom metal junction box Material Solution

Supro MFG will choose the right materials, accessories, manufacturing process, etc. according to your needs and application. At the beginning of custom metal bracket projects, all fabrication details will get your permission. Helping you to complete your project with the easiest and most efficient way.

Aluminum alloy

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Why choose Supro MFG's Custom metal junction box Services

Provide the most cost-effective cost solution for manufacturing and assembling products, expanding product competitiveness.

a technical team specializing in custom shell manufacturing for more than 30 years.
Advanced Manufacturing Equipment: Industry-leading custom metal enclosure manufacturer with in-house sheet metal, die casting, precision machining workshops, and surface coating workshops.

ISO 9001-2015, PPAP III level, RoHS, NEMA, CE and other certified production standards.
24H*7 online English technical support: The professional English team responds quickly to users’ technical questions online at any time.

help users from product design, prototype, batch manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly and packaging, transportation and a series of value-added services.

With in-house mechanics and chemistry laboratories, it can quickly monitor manufacturing process quality control to ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

Accept to sign NDA documents to ensure that customers’ product information is protected.

Door-to-door delivery in customizable secure packaging after complying with the delivery details agreed with the customer.

Outdoor transformer cabinet

metal Junction box fabrication services

With our extensive experience in custom sheet metal fabrication and our advanced equipment.

We can handle precision sheet metal fabrication projects for any industry.

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sheet metal fabrication

Precision CNC Machining

Precision Sheet metal Stamping

Die Casting Services

surface treatment

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Quality assurance

Our priority at Supro MFG is to ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality products. By setting up an assembled quality technology and control team, we conduct feasibility reviews of all manufacturing processes of parts, and troubleshoot human, equipment, and tooling hazards. The orderly production of products in the production line is closely monitored, which is unique in our manufacturing process.

Through the continuous improvement plan and the hard work of the quality control team, we can eliminate the cost waste and delay of defective products, ensure that all manufacturing processes are carried out at low cost, and the reliable products that users need are delivered on time.

Wide range of metal junction box applications

Supro MFG provides a wide range of custom metal bracket manufacturing solutions to help our customers save time, optimize product performance and enhance cost-effectiveness by improving product quality and efficiency, better catering to buyers from around the world and their project operations.

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